I don’t understand this whole “appropriation” thing. I dunno, I guess I just grew up thinking intermingling cultures was a GOOD thing. That we all have something relevant to bring to the table.  America was–at least at one point and time, at least according to some, possibly ideo-romantic points of view–supposed to be a melting. […]

I grew up in the church. We “church-hopped” often–that’s my term for when you’re “in between” churches, when you want to go but don’t know where, so you keep trying new ones till one of them sticks.  I didn’t like that part. I loved my church families–the childhood memories from my first church. The book […]


Ahhh, I adore mashups. They’re pulling from a bunch of material, so the editing’s usually better. (When you don’t have a lot to work with, it can be hard to find enough scenes to make things flow. Broadening your scope increases your chance of finding an appropriate clip, which helps with pacing–an action clip is […]