AMV rec: [MEP] Headlock

For the uninitiated, amv means animated music video, rec stands for recommendation, and a MEP is a multiple editor project. (I just learned that last one today! :P)

I don’t actually like this one that much. Great way to start out, I know, but I don’t feel it fits everyone very well and I’m not sure what they’re doing when they stick the characters together in scenes that didn’t actually happen. I think it would have worked better if the sole focus had been, say, on Jason Todd, because it’s not JUST that the subject is doing something wrong and the singer knows that they’re “better than that.” It’s a highly emotional song where the subject has a deep bond with the singer, and I feel the focus on people like Starfire and Saturn Girl muddled things a bit.

Having said that, this is exactly how amv’s should be edited. They deserve all the awards just for that.
It’s pleasant to watch and pleasant to listen to, so I’d recommend giving it a shot. Maybe you’ll notice something I didn’t!


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